Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six Things I Wish I'd Never Done

This one is hard for me, as I'm a firm believer that every moment of my life has paved the path to where I'm at now... and right now I'm happy.  In my opinion, changing anything would shift the balance and change EVERYTHING.  Butterfly effect if you will.  So there's the disclaimer. Having said that; here's my little list:

1.  Gave up on my relationship with Vomit while it was still salvageable.  I miss her friendship so much it is literally physically painful from time to time.  Realistically the damage was too severe and we were unhealthy for each other anyway, probably toxic.  But yea.  I miss that fucking bitch.  A lot.

2.  Started getting ghetto tattoos before I was old enough to go to a reputable shop.  I'm paying for that now in cover ups.  UGH.

3.  Dismissed 'M' so unceremoniously.  I played her pretty hard. Not cool.

4.  Dated David.  We were bff.  Sex *does* ruin some relationships.

5.  Drank so much in my 20's.  There are rather large periods of time that are blurry / hazy / furry in my memory.  I would like to remember them more clearly.

6.  Gotten arrested.  Gods that was stupid of me >.<

7.  Gained back so much of the weight I lost. Starting over sucks.

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