Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nine Things About Me

1.  People wear me out; mentally and physically.  It literally exhausts me to be around people for more than a few hours at a time.

2.  I have social anxiety.  It's not crippling, I'm able to work and go to the market and such; but I have often driven all the way to the doors of a social function then turned around and drove home without ever leaving the sanctuary of my vehicle.

3.  I try not to judge people but it is next to impossible.  I have so many preconceived notions and it's hard to ignore them.

4.  When I wear dresses/shirts that show my back I feel very exposed and naked, and it's because I don't have tattoos on that part of my body.  I want to get a large shoulder piece so I will feel more complete.

5.  The Stand by Stephen King is the only book I have ever finished then immediately turned back to page one to start reading again.

6.  I am sexually confident.  I don't feel ashamed of my body or the things that I do with myself and others to make myself sexually satisfied.

7.  I like to cause consensual pain.  I was violent in a very unhealthy way until my late 20's, when I discovered that there were people who enjoyed pain and would agree to let me hurt them.

8.  I had the spelling of my first name legally changed for purely aesthetic and artistic reasons.

9.  I fall in love with my husband at least twice a month.


  1. 1.) Me too. I think this is one of the reasons we mesh so well together, honestly.
    2.) My social anxiety would be crippling without you, God, St. John's Wort, & regular therapy.
    3.) My mom had me filtering my judgements from day one, but my dad made it really easy to toss that filter out the window whenever it was just him around.
    4.) I never knew this about you!
    5.) I really fucking want to read that book. & the Gunslinger series. Only because of you.
    6.) I wish I had that confidence, but at the same time I strangely get something out of my lack of confidence. I don't quite know what that is though. I kind of hate that I don't know.
    7.) I am a switch, through & through. I think I could sense your desire to cause consensual pain from the first time I met you. It's what drew me to you.
    8.) I like both spellings, but I like Mysty better because I know it makes you happy.
    9.) I love this about you.

  2. @realmcovet
    1. You, Werewolf, my sista, and Machell are the only ones who don't drain me. You are the ones that give me more strength. ♥
    2. I'm glad we have each other as social crutches ~ together we make a complete cripple hhehehe.
    3. This is why I lust after the Renegade Wizard so fucking hard.
    4. It's weird, but I honestly feel naked there lol.
    6. Your lack of confidence makes me want to protect you.
    7. I'm learning to love the switch part of you, but your submissive nature was the original draw. The more of your layers I peel back, the more I love you :)
    8. I never asked you what you thought of this! I'm glad I know now.
    9. I learned it by watching you and Snookms. True story.