Monday, July 23, 2012

Negotiations during a car ride. A love story.

“Do you want to discuss boundaries with her, or shall I do it?” I ask.
“What, like negotiate? You do it.  Please.”  He replies quickly.
“Fine. You can spank her but your cock stays in your pants.”
“Hmm. I might want to pull her hair and slap her around a bit too.” He changes lanes and steals a glance at me out of the corner of his beautiful blue eyes.
“If you start slapping her your cock will get hard. Then she’ll have to give you head.” I respond, exasperated.
“Head is good.” He smiles and shakes the head on his shoulders in the affirmative.
“Ok, but you have to skull fuck her. I mean really fucking hard.” My response makes his eyes bulge a bit but he recovers quickly.
“Sure babe.  Whatever you want.  I’ll choke her and make sure she pukes a little too, ok?” he says soothingly. 
My inner sadist is appeased.
“Agreed. Thank you for that!” I grin to myself and look out the window as the cars in rush hour traffic inch by.
“Gods, these are the conversations I have with my wife.  I love you!” he brakes for the stop light and reaches over to kiss my cheek.

Today, we’re both happy.

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