Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You care ~ the feelings overwhelm.
Frighten. Confuse. Hurt.
The pain is the best part. The most important.
You care so much it hurts. Masochism bleeds into the lust. And you relish the way it drips down around you in a puddle. Slippery and smelling of burning leaves.
You say you care and that you want it to be this way.
And more.
More of the same. MORE. Winding this scene forward and backward and along the side and down the path less traveled and up the mountains where you will thrash and scream and cry and beg and plead and rejoice because now NOW you have it.
You have more. Of me? Of her? Of yourself?
Living in this. It is no longer a choice. Because now you care.
So fuck you.

Because now I care too.

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