Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weird Scenes Inside the Dirgible

Working on a short story these past few weeks, and I came across this today:

Kind of exactly what I had in mind for the command center. Interesting.....

(((Then she was alone as the others faded into the background. Their outlines became watery, and the air around them turned to smoke. Her vision was hazy and the world had a soft floating rim to encompass it.
She was falling back into her own mind. Speeding fast at first, a dizzying venture that made the colors melt and ooze and melt and ooze.
Then she started to float slowly without a gradual adjustment from the breakneck speed. The vertigo this caused was excruciating and brilliant.
She hit the ground running.
“Where are you going bitch?!” she yelled at herself.
“I don’t fucking know! That way?” she answered, panting slightly from the free fall and the sprint.
Calculating her destination, she veered left and ran toward a 7 story tall computer type device that had cables and live wires spitting blueish flames in every direction.
The command center.)))

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